Rajapur Bangladeshi Kitchen

  • Delivery time 50 min
  • Halal

Menu Rajapur Bangladeshi Kitchen North Shields

A kitchen run by Bangladeshi chefs and offering traditional and signature dishes made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection (many dishes feature the famous Thali signature dish), hence the name "Rajapur" which means "City of Joy. The Rajapur Bangladeshi Kitchen is a restaurant type thali signature dish located in the heart of North Shields. We take pride in its unique menu inspired by recipes from East Bengal, flavoured with spicy Indian curry dishes, freshly baked Chapati bread, light rice, yogurt drinks and desserts. The friendly service, attentive staff and cozy ambiance all help to make the Rajapur experience a memorable one. Our menu is relentless in its pursuit of pleasure. Our chefs are not afraid to experiment or take chances, offering surprises with every signature dish. We offer the best of regional cuisine in our thali signature dishes, and there's more than enough magic in our kitchen to make your taste buds smile.


About Rajapur Bangladeshi Kitchen North Shields

Rajapur is a pan Indian Restaurant embedded in the heart of Dhaka city serving Thali signature dishes as well as Bangladeshi and Indian delicacies. With a strong belief in providing high-quality food cooked meticulously with the finest ingredients, we aspire to give our customers a memorable experience at Rajapur. Being one of the earliest few Indian restaurants in Dhaka, we pride ourselves on the most authentic and delectable food prepared by our highly skilled chefs. Rajapur Bangladeshi kitchen offers you an easy to cook range of traditional, authentic, immensely flavorful dishes. Our food is prepared at home by our own families with fresh, everyday ingredients. We believe that their simplicity is the key to their wonderfully satisfying flavour.

Restaurant location Rajapur Bangladeshi Kitchen North Shields

Located at 64 Church Way, North Shields, NE29 0AE, Rajapur Bangladeshi Kitchen is serving food adding its own touch combining the heart warming spices of Bangladeshi cuisine with the essence of Indian cookery. The restaurant is well known for its mouth-watering Thali and Thandoori dishes. These are some of the delicious specialties served here. Rajapur is a Bangladeshi Kitchen based in North Shields, we offer all kinds of food, we do takeaway and delivery we also have a dining room where we can sit down and enjoy your favourite food as a takeaway as well as the best service as you would expect from a restaurant. Our app is very easy to use. We will do our best to bring you the best real taste of Indian food in this delivery app. The food menu that you see on the app is actually cooked and prepared by the local people of that city. From preparation, preparation process till delivery. The taste will be exactly what you experience there. As we said earlier, we will bring you the likeable and experienced people!

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